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Affiliates earn $50 Commission

Sign up for our Affiliate Program and earn $50 commission on every All-In-One Easy 9001 Toolkit™ purchase referred by you.

How does it work?

You promote our All-In-One Easy 9001 Toolkit™ on your own ISO 9001 related website.

A visitor of your website clicks a special link to reach our website.

If this visitor subsequently purchases the All-In-One Easy 9001 Toolkit™, you will receive $50 commission (our system knows that you sent this customer because the customer arrived via the special link).

It's easy!

You don't need to have a shopping cart or merchant account.

You don't need to have your own products.

Joining our Affiliate Program is completely free of charge.

Start earning commissions as soon as you are approved to promote our product on your website.

Track your commissions online in your affiliate account.


You need to have a professional website that is related to ISO 9001 and that targets quality professionals and businesses.

Your website must not promote in any form the following items: pornographic and indecent content or items; weapons; tobacco products; drugs; any other items that we deem incompatible with ISO 9001 products.

Any description of our All-In-One Easy 9001 Toolkit™ must be adequate and truthful. You may copy a partial product description from our website.

Your website needs to have its own unique content and identity. You are not allowed to copy our website or our website content other than a partial product description.

You must not use any form of spam, mass email or unsolicited email to promote our products.

Your website must pass our initial review to be approved, as well as our ongoing quality reviews for you to remain approved as our Affiliate.

Commission payments

Our Affiliates receive their commission payments every calendar quarter through PayPal. The minimum commission payment is $450. Earned commissions under $450 will be rolled over into the next calendar quarter until $450 in commissions is accumulated.

Additional terms and conditions

We reserve the right to terminate or modify our Affiliate Program at any time and for any reason.

We reserve the right to terminate any Affiliate at any time and for any reason. Violators of our Requirements (above) will be immediately terminated.

You may cancel your membership in our Affiliate Program at any time.

If this Affiliate Program is canceled, or if your membership in this Affiliate Program is terminated, we will pay all properly earned commissions within two calendar quarters. Referrals made in violation of our terms and conditions are not eligible for commission payment.

We use industry standard cookies to track your referrals. If a visitor of your website clicks the special link, a cookie is placed on the visitor's computer; the cookie lifetime is 30 days. If the visitor makes a purchase within 30 days, the system registers you as eligible for the $50 commission payment.

Sign up now!

As soon as we approve you as our Affiliate, we will provide you with the special links to our website, and with access to your online affiliate account.

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