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Easy ISO 9001 Solution


The team consists of experienced quality professionals with more than 20 years experience in ISO 9001 quality management, business consulting, technical writing, corporate training and auditing. Our life has been ISO 9001.

We realized over the years that many companies take the wrong approach to ISO 9001 implementation – an approach against their own business interest! Helping companies take the best approach to ISO 9001 implementation was our motivation in developing

ISO 9001 - Burden or Competitive Advantage?

In our experience, most companies are initially motivated to get ISO 9001 certified for marketing reasons: they recognize that an ever increasing number of their customers simply require their suppliers to be ISO 9001 certified or, at least, prefer ISO 9001 certified suppliers over their non-certified competition. The ISO 9001 certification is expected to have a large impact on sales revenue, market share and bottom line. The sooner a company can advertise their ISO 9001 certification, the sooner the company gains competitive advantage and benefits from improved sales and profits.

Better Than Slow and Expensive

Though the fastest way to ISO 9001 certification is also the fastest way to achieve these marketing benefits, many companies choose a slow and cumbersome route. Some companies hire expensive consultants who attempt to change the entire company before they give the “go ahead” to the ISO 9001 certification audit, some companies use bureaucratic documentation templates that are difficult to implement, and some companies follow cumbersome ISO 9001 implementation guides that require countless “project meetings” and “task groups”.

Our Mission: make ISO 9001 easy for you!'s mission is to provide companies with the easiest way to achieve ISO 9001 certification so that they can benefit quickly from improved sales and profits.

What about Process Improvement?

We find that ISO 9001 provides countless tools that allow companies to improve their business processes. However, companies can utilize the ISO 9001 standard to improve business processes even after achieving ISO 9001 certification.

If marketing is your motivation for ISO 9001 certification, we suggest you focus on achieving ISO 9001 certification as quickly as possible, and only after certification spend your time on further process improvement initiatives.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in – we will continue to do our utmost best to exceed your expectations.

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